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  • Dakota Kennels


    Dakota 283 was created to give people products that stand the test of time for their dogs. I love my dogs as much as anyone loves their dogs, it is a personal relationship not just a pet. Dakota 283 makes products that fit the dog culture perfectly. Our goal for everything we make is to have products that work in difficult environments. They are tools that should not be worried about, light and easy to transport while being tough when they need to be tough. People should not have to worry about the function of their products- Greg Cronkhite CEO/Creator

  • Ruff Land Kennels


    X-LARGE KENNEL (In Stock)
    (for pickup only)

    We do not carry smaller sizes.
    All other sizes must be ordered

    Made in the USA with the same tough material as our other kennels, this kennel will accommodate your larger dog breed. Designed with straighter sides, this kennel can fit through narrow doorways such as campers. The vent hole pattern displayed comes standard (1 3/8″) with two finger holes in the back. All kennel sizes are outfitted with strong, composite doors with a tighter grid pattern to prevent biting and chewing.