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  • Basic and Advanced Obedience


    You Receive the Basic Obedience Commands plus Advanced Commands (at the owner’s choice):  “Send away to place” – Canine will place on a designated object from a distance. “Come to heel” – The canine will come to the handler from a distance. Then the handler will pivot and heel with the canine. “Look/Watch”  – Stare…

  • Basic Obedience Package


    Basic Obedience Curriculum

    • “Come & Sit” – Dog will come to the heel position & sit until released.
    • “Down” – Canine’s elbows touch the ground until released
    • “Place” – They will sit on a specific location that you point to (dog bed/cot, park bench, etc.)
    • “Loose Leash Walking/ Heel” – Dog will walk beside you on a leash
    • “Off”
  • Obedience Starter Package


    One individual basic obedience lesson.

    Includes the OffLeash Training E-Collar, 15-foot leash, and the price of the first lesson.

    Additional Individual lessons are $300/lesson.